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When people think of adjustable beds they sometimes associate them with the stereotypical hospital bed. If you have ever been in the hospital you probably don’t have very fond memories of the beds (or anything else). But time has changed, these days people like to use their laptop computer on bed or even watch TV in bed, an adjustable bed becomes a new lifestyle.

The experience of sleeping on one of the new generation of adjustable beds for the home could not be more different from the noisy, clunky hospital beds.   It is, in fact, the most comfortable and luxurious experience you can find in any bed. And for good measure… it’s fantastic for your health.

Many people don’t realize that you can use any type of mattress that you like with an adjustable bed. Combine a super ergonomic mattress such as the best memory foam with the flexibility of an adjustable bed and you get a fully customized sleep experience.  If you’re like me and enjoy reading and watching television in bed - WOW, what a difference.

Some of the available features of the adjustable beds will blow you away.  If you have ever woken up stiff in the morning it is probably because the position you slept in didn’t allow for proper blood circulation. Beyond Furniture's adjustable beds have a feature that you can change your sleeping position throughout the night, and This allows for the best possible blood circulation.  Imagine waking up in the morning and actually feeling BETTER than when you went to bed.

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