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Our Grand Soleil foam mattresses provide excellent anatomical support in combination with perfectly aligned body weight distribution across the surface of the mattress. The Etoile and Zefiro models have both received medical grades in Italy which guarantee their suitability for alleviating back pain and are certifiably recommended by A.F.I (The Italian Physiotherapists Association). The mattress’ visco elastic top layers are both designed to minimize pressure points throughout the process of sleep. This in turn reduces pressure and strains on the back, making it an ideal mattress choice for those individuals concerned with back problems and poor sleep posture.

The correct sleep posture is essential for a comfortable and healthy sleep. It can be determined that back and neck pains are often caused by incorrect sleep posture, contributing to hindered blood blow. Our Grand Soleil mattresses embody 7 core support zones that help increase hindered blood flow and conform to your body’s contours, which accommodate your shoulders and hips. This technological advancement allows for instant responses to your body's movements, cradling every curve upon turning throughout sleep. By relieving pressure points, our mattresses promote normal blood flow. This is why Grand Soleil mattresses are highly recommended by Italian physiotherapists for a healthy sleep, and why they are an essential choice for those seeking a mattress targeting reduction of back pain.

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