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Sleeping on an unsupportive mattress can cause or worsen back aches and pains. Lack of support from a mattress encourages poor posture, strains muscles and does not help keep the spine in alignment, all of which contribute to back pain. But what does correct support look and feel like?


A good mattress is designed to enhance your sleep by providing correct anatomical support. Correct anatomical support means that your sleep system supports your body in the same posture as when you are standing, while cradling it along its curves. If this is achieved you will have a better sleep and the best results. For many years we were told that the best support is a firm mattress as it keeps your back straight, recently this has been proven incorrect as your muscles have to work to adapt to the mattress support. The perfect solution is your mattress support adapting to you, not vice versa, to allow your muscles to relax.


The mattress that provides the best support is not too firm and not too soft. It will be determined by the size of the person that is sleeping on it. People 90kg+ will feel more comfortable and be better supported by a firmer mattress; a smaller person (less than 55kg) will be properly supported on a softer mattress, and a medium mattress is generally suitable for people 55-90kg. Each individual will need to try the mattresses in order to determine which mattress provides the best support and preferred comfort.


Your sleep position will also determine which mattress choice is best for you. If you sleep on your side, go for something soft-medium to allow your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress to keep your spine straight, and to ensure there is no excess compression at these pressure points. For those who sleep on their back, a firmer feel for their size is recommended, it will help distribute the weight of their hip region and ensure their waist and torso are supported, maintaining the spine's natural curve. There should also be minimal gaps between your shoulders and hips.


A common problem when choosing mattresses when you have a partner is that a lot of the time, one partner ends up compromising. If one partner weighs 55kg and the other is 90kg, they will inevitably require somewhat different support levels. A way around this is to look for a bed slat base that is adjustable; this allows you to adjust the tension of the slats to softer or firmer, depending on your needs. If you require two different mattresses as well, enquire about choosing two different firmness's housed in the same mattress cover like the Dorsal Natural Mattresses

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  • Comment Link Anna Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:24 posted by Anna

    Any reputable firm that sells mastertses should have at least one offering. Basically there are three types/levels of firms that sell mastertses: Department stores, furniture stores and mattress specialty stores. If you have the time you should check the local newspaper ads for sales on all three levels in your neighborhood/community. As to which type of mattress is best for you, that's a decision you'll have to make because much of the decision making has to do with individual taste and affordability. Once you narrow the field down to an acceptable level you should test your choices with your own body. Last, keep this in mind: Neither a higher price nor a high level of advertising necessarily translates to better quality sleep time. Do your homework before you commit to a purchase.References :

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