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Christine, 32 lives in Sydney with her partner Luke, 34.

1. What were you sleeping on before you got your new sleep system?

Before I received my sleep system from Beyond Furniture, I was sleeping on an inner-spring mattress on a flat base that I bought with my bed about 9 or 10 years ago. It wasnít a particularly good quality mattress and by the end, it was very uncomfortable.

2. What do you look for in a mattress?

The main thing for me was that I didnít want to make the same mistake as before, by focusing on the bed and getting any old mattress. I prefer a softer feel but with enough support to allow for an undisturbed sleep. A mattress that is cosy, yet supportive.

3. Why did you choose a Grand Soleil Mattress?

I needed new bed frame as I wanted to upgrade from a double to a queen size, and therefore required a new mattress too.

After researching all the mattresses on the market, I decided that I didnít want another inner-spring mattress because of the dust-mite and hygiene reasons and I had heard from a couple of friends that their latex mattresses are very hot to sleep on. When I found out that the Dorsal mattresses are totally natural, breathable and dust-mite resistant, it was a no-brainer.

4. What sleep system did you choose?

After testing all the mattresses and slat combinations in the Crows Nest store, I decided to go with a Queen Triocell Medium mattress, Sleepdry Cover, Super Slats, and a Linea Bed.

5. Did you purchase pillows?

Yes, I needed new pillows and I really liked the feel of the Triocell Softcare ĎSoapí pillow.

6. Did you have any concerns about the sleep system prior to purchasing? What were the outcomes?

My only slight concern was that perhaps the mattress would feel too soft because I was comparing it to the firm inner-spring mattress I had been sleeping on for the past 10 years. Purchasing the adjustable slats was the best idea because I can decide how firm or soft I want it. This feature made me feel more confident in purchasing as I knew I wouldnít be stuck with something too firm or too soft Ė I could just adjust it at home to suit.

7. What are your favourite aspects of your new sleep system?

Itís a tie between my adjustable Super Slats and the fact that I can remove the mattress cover and wash it at home. My partner prefers a slightly firmer mattress so his side of the bed is adjusted to a firmer setting whereas my side is a little more flexible.

8. Have you noticed any major differences in your sleep?

I seem to sleep a lot deeper now. I used to move around a lot and swap from one side to the other a few times a night to get comfortable. Now, I fall asleep faster and sleep without waking. I also feel well-rested each morning which is a big difference because I have never been a morning person!

9. Would you recommend Grand Soleil mattresses to your friends or family?

I have already sent my friend and her husband in to test them out and would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for a new sleep system.

If you already have a memory foam mattress, you should give some serious thought to purchasing a memory foam pillow as well. Upgrading your pillow will help complete your luxury sleep experience and help ensure you get the most restful, comfortable sleep possible.

Beyond Furniture's natural foam pillows come in a variety of types, including Zefiro pillow, Therapeutic memory foam contour pillow and Triocell Softcare pillows. These pillows cradle your head and neck while you sleep and provide the same weightless feel you'd experience from a memory foam mattress. The contoured pillow is specially designed to support proper head and neck alignment, relieving pressure on the shoulders and is perfect for side sleepers. My personal favorite, the Therapeutic contour pillow is a neck pillow made with NaturMemory (Grand Soleil, natural oil based). This model is developed to perfectly hold the cervical area. The memory foam (visco elastic) has a auto-shaping property that allows the pillow to adapt to the shape of head and neck. The feeling is total and utter relaxation. Available in two covers, both removable and the whole pillow is washing machine suitable. To choose the memory foam pillow that is right for you, consider your preferred sleeping position and level of movement at night. This will help ensure you pick a pillow that will not only be comfortable, but will be easy for you to adjust as you change positions.

Although Beyond Furniture's natural foam pillows are more expensive than traditional pillows, they have very innovative property for comfort and moisture evaporation, and they typically last much longer because they do not bunch or flatten like a traditional pillow. They all have a removable, washable cover that can be machine washed to reduce allergen concerns. They also provide a level of comfort and support that is unparallelled, giving you the support you need to wake well rested and without aches and pains in your neck and shoulders. Order a memory foam pillow today to complement your memory foam mattress and experience the ultimate luxury sleep experience.

Adjustable BedsÖModern Lifestyle

Friday, 29 July 2011 17:06

When people think of adjustable beds they sometimes associate them with the stereotypical hospital bed. If you have ever been in the hospital you probably donít have very fond memories of the beds (or anything else). But time has changed, these days people like to use their laptop computer on bed or even watch TV in bed, an adjustable bed becomes a new lifestyle.

The experience of sleeping on one of the new generation of adjustable beds for the home could not be more different from the noisy, clunky hospital beds.   It is, in fact, the most comfortable and luxurious experience you can find in any bed. And for good measureÖ itís fantastic for your health.

Many people donít realize that you can use any type of mattress that you like with an adjustable bed. Combine a super ergonomic mattress such as the best memory foam with the flexibility of an adjustable bed and you get a fully customized sleep experience.  If youíre like me and enjoy reading and watching television in bed - WOW, what a difference.

Some of the available features of the adjustable beds will blow you away.  If you have ever woken up stiff in the morning it is probably because the position you slept in didnít allow for proper blood circulation. Beyond Furniture's adjustable beds have a feature that you can change your sleeping position throughout the night, and This allows for the best possible blood circulation.  Imagine waking up in the morning and actually feeling BETTER than when you went to bed.

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