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37.Where does the moisture go if it's absorbed into the cover? Wouldn't this make the mattress smell? Do the mattresses have a smell to them?

It is normal for moisture to form during sleep. A special manufacturing technique enables Sleep Dry fabric to disperse moisture over the entire cover surface allowing it to evaporate during the day. This system ensures a fresh sleeping environment and also preserves the mattress core. The moisture does go into the cover, the system is designed so the majority of moisture evaporates (when used with a slatted base and appropriate bed linen), the cover is completely removable and able to be washed & dried at home within a day, so any moisture that is retained can be easily removed. We recommend the cover to be washed two to three times a year depending on the level of perspiration and your local climate.

Some mattresses, including foam mattresses made from petroleum and latex are known to carry an odour, the Grand Soleil mattresses do not, they are completely odourless.

38. Are there any petrochemical substances added?

The mattresses are made from sunflower and vegetable oils.

All foams have agents and some of them are chemicals, the ones in Grand Soleil mattress comply with Oeko-Tex standards. You will not find any foam product that does not contain a small percentage of chemicals, as 100% latex would be like glue, 100% natural oil foam would be oily and these ingredients on their own are not enough to form a structure such as seating, a mattress or an insulation panel. The manufacturing process relies on catalyst agents to bind the ingredients and form the structure, a small percentage of these must be chemicals.

39.Is it good for people with allergies? I have allergies and I need to be cautious, where can I access a list of the ingredients?

The Grand Soleil mattresses are good for people with allergies. Any catalyst added in the manufacturing process will not produce any toxins in the final product, other products with the same process have been used for packaging fruit and even in sensitive medical applications. If the customer has specific allergies, they need to provide a list of the ingredients he is sensitive or allergic to, and we can ask the factory to check it. The other option is we can provide a 10cmx10cm block of sample product so the customer can test it for a couple of days to see if it irritates allergies.

40. Can I use the mattress with an electric blanket?

There is no problem using an electric blanket with Grand Soleil Mattresses (unlike latex, Latex will crumble). Grand Soleil is produced in Italy, much of their market is European, in the north of Europe, weather can get extremely cold in winter (-10 to 4C) and therefore electric blankets are very popular, and regularly used with Grand Soleil Mattresses.

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