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Comparison with other mattresses.

1. Why are these natural mattresses better than latex mattresses?
2. In what ways do the Grand Soleil mattresses differ with Tempur Mattresses?
3. In what ways are the Grand Soleil mattresses better than spring mattresses?
4. Why would this kind of mattresses benefit me as opposed to a (synthetic) latex mattress?

Mattress material and structure.

5. Are the Grand Soleil mattresses latex?
6. Where are they made? What are they made of?
7. How is a mattress possibly made from sunflower oil & water? How do they make it open cell?
8. How is a sunflower based product ecological?

How to select a suitable mattress.

9. My husband likes firm and I like soft, what shall we order? How to take care of the mattress?
10. Do you have a firm option? I like a firm mattress - my chiropractor suggested this.
11. What mattress provides the BEST support? Which is best for me?
12. Which is the best mattress for an adult? Which is the best for a child?
13. Which is the best for a bad back?
14. Which slats are best? Can I put this mattress on top of my ensemble base?
15. Will purchasing a Grand Soleil Pillow with the mattresses improve the sleeping experience?
16. If I don't like this mattress after one week can I swap it or get a refund?

Comfort and mattress quality questions.

17. What difference in comfort level do the Dorsal slats make with the Grand Soleil mattresses compared to a non-flexing slat base?
18. Does it mould to your body like latex?
19. Do the mattresses lose their shape over time and become saggy?
20. Do the mattresses come with a warranty? What is the warranty for these mattresses? Why don't you have a 20 year warranty like Italy?
21. If it is natural will it break down quicker?
22. Why aren't the mattresses endorsed by the Australian Chiropractic Association?
23. If the king mattress is 2 cores in one cover, over time will they move apart and will the split be able to be felt after a few years? Why do I have to have the gap in the middle for the king? That makes no sense.
24. Can the foam within the cover be damaged easily when cover is removed for washing/ how much care should be taken?

Price, lead time and custom make issues.

25. If it is foam, why isn't it cheaper? If I'm going to spend a lot of money, why wouldn't I just buy latex?
26. What sizes do they come in? Can the mattresses be made to any custom size?
27. Why haven't I seen these mattresses in the Australian market before? If these mattresses are so good, why is Beyond Furniture the only company that sells them in Australia?
28. Can I get a thicker, more cushioned cover?
29. What are the lead times? Why are the lead times so long?
30. Which is most popular and why? Why don't you have more in stock is this an unpopular model?
31. Which one has the lowest price? Which is the most expensive?
32. Why is there such a big variance in the price of your mattresses? Eg: the triocell -monocell?
33. Why are they so expensive for a foam mattress?
34. What is the material composition of the SleepDry SoftCare cover? How much does this mattress cover cost if we buy only in its own?
35. What are the other covers available? What is the lead time?
36. How much are your slats? Can I keep my own slats?

Allergy and other concerns.

37. Where does the moisture go if it's absorbed into the cover? Wouldn't this make the mattress smell? Do the mattresses have a smell to them?
38. Are there any petrochemical substances added?
39. Is it good for people with allergies? I have allergies and I am really precautious, where can I access a list of the ingredients?
40. Can I use the mattress with an electric blanket?
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