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17.What difference in comfort level do the Dorsal slats make with the Grand Soleil mattresses compared to a non-flexing slat base?

The Dorsal slats and mattresses are designed to work together as a complete sleep system for maximum support and comfort. The mattresses can be used with other slat systems, but they will change the feel of the mattress.

If a customer uses the mattress with flat slats (non-flexing) the mattress will feel firmer.

Dorsal standard bed slats have the following advantages: The dynaflex slats are made from beech with a special patented insert, these inserts increase load resistance by 40% and moisture resistance by 35%. The slat holders in the steel frame has been a Dorsal patent since 1979, it has proved to be very strong and very quiet.

The Dorsal Super Varial Slats have the following additional benefits: Adjustable cursors, used to adapt the level of firmness in the back and lumbar region to suit personal requirements. Shoulder area slats have a special profile that increase flexibility and elasticity giving extra comfort when sleeping on the side.

18. Does it mould to your body like latex?

The unique patterns formed by the horizontal and vertical cuts responds to the weight of your body, they assist the distribution of your body weight, eliminating pressure points and allowing good circulation. Latex responds in a similar manner.

Memory Foam & Tempur beds are slightly different, they respond to your body's heat and 'moulds' to your bodies sleeping position, this also takes acts to distribute the weight from the main pressure points to maintain good circulation. Memory Foam and Tempur mattresses will take a couple of moments to respond if you change your sleeping position, the mattress needs to bounce back from the previous position and reform to your adjusted position.

19. Do the mattresses lose their shape over time and become saggy?

All Grand Soleil mattresses undergo a crushing process twice to ensure stabilization of the structure. The result is an ideal product without sagging or deformation to ensure superlative rest. We recommened general maintenance of turning the matress evey three months, and flipping it every 6 months to ensure longevity. In saying that though, in daily use we tend to sleep in the same position and area of the bed, and after 7- 8 hours a day for 10 years of use, we should accept some changes in the products; all mattresses will show signs of wear in this time frame. After a few years, old style cotton, wool, hey and natural fibre mattresses need refilling as the material inside compresses and flattens. Springs will eventually collapse or lose their bounciness (sometime even perforate the cover and come out). Latex and natural foam mattresses are no different. A natural loss of elasticity and certain shape changes have to be considered. Though, in saying this, optimum sleeping on a Grand Soleil mattress should be expected for 8+ years depending on the local environment, and use; this is much longer than the lifespan of a fibrous mattress or sprung mattress.

International mattress standard ISO 3385 indicates that less than 5% loss of mattress height in the first two years is considered normal which is based on maximum of 100kg per person sleeping on it. When the loss of height of a mattress is over this limit, the mattress can be considered sagging.

20.Do the mattresses come with a warranty? What is the warranty for these mattresses? Why don't you have a 20 year warranty like Italy?

The mattresses come with a 10 year warranty, the first two years are unconditional, the rest of the years are conditional, please see the mattress warranty. In Italy,they do not offer a 20 year warranty, they only give a two year warranty in accordance with European law. Sometimes the customer can buy an addional five year warranty. We don't believe a 20 year warranty is a serious warranty for a mattress, and consumers should be aware that any warranty can only be as good as the company's reputation.

21. If it is natural will it break down quicker?

It all depends on the manufacturing process of a mattress, Grand Soleil mattress goes through a crushing process to stabilize the structure, and it can last 10+ years. Normally we recommend people change their mattresses after 10 years of use anyway for hygiene concerns. Natural products will break down faster than a petroleum based product once in landfill.

22. Why aren't the mattresses endorsed by the Australian Chiropractic Association?

Beyond Furniture sourced the mattresses in Europe and brought them into Australia to offer our customers the latest in European sleep technology, the mattresses have been endorsed by the Italian Associationof Physiotherapists and received certificates in Europe. They are not yet endorsed by the Australian Chiropractic Association simply because they have not been submitted for testing.

23.If the king mattress is 2 cores in one cover, over time will they move apart and will the split be able to be felt after a few years? Why do I have to have the gap in the middle for the king? That makes no sense.

Not at all. At a blind test you will not spot the one that is with two cores and one with one unique core. With the cover on it is impossible to tell if there are two cores or one.

The major reason for that is for delivery. In Europe and in Australia many apartments have very small lift and hall ways, a king mattress is too big; it just doesn't fit through and can not be delivered to the customers.

24.Can the foam within the cover be damaged easily when the cover is removed for washing? how much care should be taken?

There is an internal 100% jersey protection cover for the core so when the main outside cover is removed, the jersey cover underneath will protect the core from being damaged. The Grand Soleil foam will not be damaged from water or light exposure. If water is spilled, being open cell, it will dry quickly, if it is exposed to light, it will turn colour but properties will not change. Latex does have the potential to change colour and break down when exposed to light. Also the SoftCare foam cover was tested to be washed at 60 and will endure many washes.

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