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9. My husband likes firm and I like soft, what shall we order? How to take care of the mattress?

If you buy a king mattress, it consists of two core parts, you can choose one side firm, the other side soft, this way the mattress will cater to both of you.

All Grand Soleil mattresses undergo a crushing process twice, to ensure stabilization of the core. The result is an ideal product without sagging or deformation to ensure superlative rest. With the tests run by CATAS industries in Italy, the mattress will offer similar comfort to when it was purchased, years down the track.

When changing bed sheets, let the mattress air for two hours. The mattress should be rotated every three months and flipped every six months as basic maintenance. We tend to sleep in one position, so after many years of use, natural wear and tear of the mattress and some loss of elasticity and shape should be considered as normal.

10. Do you have a firm option? I like a firm mattress - my chiropractor suggested this.

It has been proven that very firm mattresses are not good for us; it is the old concept of an orthopedic mattress. We used to believe that people with incorrect posture should sleep on hardboard and therefore on a hard mattress, many studies now prove this wrong. Of course if someone is accustomed to sleeping on a hard mattress he/she will notice the difference and might have to adjust to the new mattress.

A very firm mattress will cause our back and muscles to adjust to the mattress when it should be the mattress that adjusts to our needs, providing support for different sleeping positions to maintain our body in its natural posture whilst asleep. Some people have back pains which were caused by sleeping in a bad position for a long period; this is caused by the spine being slightly twisted, or pushed out of its natural alignment causing dislocation.

Our Monocell medium is already a firm mattress. That is a grade of firmness that can cater for people over 100kg.

11. What mattress provides the BEST support? Which is best for me?

Ideally when you sleep, the mattress and the bed system should maintain your body in the same posture you have when standing, if you achieve that, you will feel comfortable, and this is the best result from a good mattress.

The Grand Soleil mattresses are all designed to provide excellent support. The mattress that provides the best support is not too firm and not too soft. It will be determined by the size of the person that is sleeping on it. People 90kg+ will feel more comfortable and be better supported by a firmer mattress; a smaller person (less then 55kg) will be properly supported on a softer mattress. Each individual will need to try the mattresses and determine for themselves which mattress provides the best support and preferred comfort. We have been told for many years that a very firm mattress (orthopaedic) is good for everyone on the theory that it keeps your back straight, recently this has been proven incorrect. The best support is the one that is medium to firm. A too firm mattress means that the muscles and spine have to work to adjust to the mattress.The mattress should adjust to you to allow your muscles to relax during sleep.

The Etoile mattress has been certified as medical grade, meaning it is suited to people with an injury or people recovering from an injury as it suitable for pro-longed periods in bed. NaturMemory is heat sensitive foam (memory foam, Visco elastic) that shapes up perfectly to your body. Ideal for pressure relieving as it models itself and adapts perfectly to the natural curves of the body, distributing the weight over the entire supporting surface. It relieves the pressure on the areas that bear the greatest load, ensuring great comfort and relaxation, whatever position the body assumes. This will promote good blood circulation when in bed, allowing the body to heal. NaturMemory is part of the Grand Soleil mattress range; it is made from an open cell, breathable Visco foam, ensuring the mattress will not get hot when sleeping for long hours.

Each person should try the mattresses and determine which is best for them. The main sleeping positions are the side and face up. If you sleep on your side, the best mattress is normally a soft/medium one that allows you to sink, otherwise the exceeding pressure from the mattress will cause blood circulation to slow down and you will wake up with a sore shoulder, arm, hip or legs. For people that sleep face up, the best mattress is a medium/firm one to support the hip, levelling the area between the hips and shoulders. All gaps need to be filled otherwise it means that the muscles have to work to keep a straight back.

12. Which is the best mattress for an adult? Which is the best for a child?

This depends on personal requirements and preferences. The size of the adult will have a great impact when deciding which mattress is best. The Soleil mattress, being a Triocell structure, and having the options of firm, medium or soft, can fit most characteristics and preferences. A general guide is firm for people over 80kg, medium from 55-80kg, and soft for less than 55kg. All the Grand Soleil mattresses provide superior support and are designed to reduce pressure points for a restful sleep. The customer should spend adequate time trialling each mattress to determine which mattress best meets their requirements. In the end the best mattress is the one that keeps the spine aligned and in the same position as when we are standing.

Kids can fall asleep anywhere but it is good to prevent problems rather than curing them. We always suggest something in between, meaning medium to soft depending on their weight and sleeping position. Triocell soft and Duocell soft are both good mattresses for kids.

13. Which is the best for a bad back?

All Grand Soleil mattresses are endorsed by the Italian Association of Physiotherapists.

The Triocell has 3 different sized cells to provide support and comfort, and allow even distribution of weight, this reduces pressure points and promotes good blood circulation while you sleep, helping to resolve some back problems.

The Etoile (memory foam) mattress has just received a medical grade certification in Italy. The mattress is recommended for sick people or those with an injury who have to spend prolonged periods of time in bed. The memory foam responds to the heat of the body and adjusts to your lying position allowing good blood circulation in all positions and reducing the incidence of 'pins and needles'.

The bed slats are also critical to relieve back and neck pain. A good mattress without an appropriate support becomes an average mattress. We always suggest to our customers to buy a good mattress together with good bed slats. After all the cost of the bedslats is just 1/10 of the mattress, so while you are at it you might as well spend a little bit more for the bed slats - "buying a new mattress and not considering a new bed slats is like buying a new car and telling the car dealer that the old car's tyres are still fine."

14. Which slats are best? Can I put this mattress on top of my ensemble base?

There are 7 main differences between the normal slats and super varial slats as listed below:

1) The number of slats is different.The normal model has 14 slats in total, the Super model has 15.

2) The size of the slats is different. The normal slats measure 63mm deep each, the supers are bigger at 68mm, and they both are 8mm thick, which means the gaps between the slats on the normal slats base are greater.

3) The Super Varial slat base has 3 profiled shoulder slats for more comfort when sleeping to the side.

4) Firmness- the result of the above 3 differences means the Super slats will feel firmer due to smaller gaps between slats.

5) Metal Paint- the metal paint on the Super model is a matt anti rust paint, on the normal model is a plain metallic paint.

6) The super slats are more expensive than the normal model and Super Slats offer greater support and flexibility to the user.

7) Super slats have Dynaflex which is designed by anatomical body structure. So whilst both slat models offer an advanced sleep system, the Super Slats have added benefits.

You can put this mattress on top of your ensemble base, but the feeling will not be the same as the one you tested in our showroom.

15. Will purchasing a Grand Soleil Pillow with the mattresses improve the sleeping experience?

Indeed frame, mattress and pillow must work in synergy, supporting the spine, conforming to its natural shape and reacting elastically at pressure points. This is the only way to achieve a supporting effect for the vertebrae and producing a stretching effect on them, relieving the spine of the body's weight.

The Grand Soleil has two types of pillows; one is a soap shaped design, ideal for every one, that will provide the proper support, without resulting in compression, instead allowing the cervical spine, muscles and relevant nerve tracts to relax. The other one is 'Contour' for people with neck or shoulder problems, they are recommended for relieving the stiffness and tension accumulated during the day.

16. If I don't like this mattress after one week can I swap it or get a refund?

The mattress can be swapped to another type that we have in stock within 7 days of delivery as long as the cover is kept by the customer, meaning only the inner core is swapped. A delivery and exchange fee of $120 and the price difference between the two mattresses must be paid in advance. This swap is subject to approval, we can only swap the inner core if it is in an 'as new' condition, if it has been soiled in any way we can not provide this service.

The mattresses inner core can only be swapped within 7 days, we can not give any refunds or accept any mattress returns. It is important to remember people are accustomed to their old type of mattress, it will take about 2 weeks to adapt to a new mattress, it is perfectly normal to feel a little bit uncomfortable or to feel minor aches as the body adapts to the new mattress, once the body has adapted the muscles will relax during sleep resulting in a better sleep. The bed system also plays a major role for the comfort of a mattress, we recommend our customers buy the mattress together with our Italian posturepedic slats.

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