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25.If it is foam, why isn't it cheaper? If I'm going to spend a lot of money, why wouldn't I just buy latex?

Latex mattresses are also a foam product, the price depends on what kind of latex mattress it is, is it synthetic latex? Natural latex? Talalay natural latex? Synthetic latex blended with natural latex etc.? What percentage breakdown is the composition? Cheaper foam products are made from petroleum and do not have the same complex cell structures that Grand Soleil products have, and therefore do not offer the same levels of support & comfort, nor do they have the same health benefits.

Customers should be comparing the price to the only other mattress on the market that is comparable; that is an open cell natural latex mattress Talalay latex mattresses. When compared with Talalay latex mattresses, the Grand Soleil mattresses are extremely competitive. Furthermore there is no strict governing body ruling the market, some companies will claim a mattress is 100% natural when it's not; and it is essential to understand there are many different qualities of latex. Only some consumers are concerned about the material composition and the resulting long term wellbeing, they usually focus on sleeping comfort, which is not the whole story.

On top of all the benefits, Grand Soleil has the SoftCare cover, the padding is especially designed for pressure relief and absorbing moisture. The unique construction is 100 times more adsorbant of moisture than cotton and 100 times faster drying. The removable cover is machine washable, the 4 side zippers make it easy to wash at home. These unique benefits do not exist in latex mattresses.

Anything in the world can be found cheaper. Cheaper furniture, cheaper latex, cheaper foam, cheaper bed slats. It depends on the quality, the quality of the raw materials, the quality of the processes and the quality of the company. When the quality of the materials and workmanship increases, the price increases. Dorsal was established in 1932, it is one of the high end sleep system suppliers in Italy. Both Dorsal and Beyond Furniture pride themselves on selling high quality, premium goods.

26. What sizes do they come in? Can the mattresses be made to any custom size?

The mattresses are available in King Size, Queen Size, Double and King Single.

They can be made to order at any custom size, it will be cut down from a mattress one size bigger, and the price will be the price of the larger sized mattress plus an additional 10%. The lead time on custom order is also longer.

27.Why haven't I seen these mattresses in the Australian market before? If these mattresses are so good, why is Beyond Furniture the only company that sells them in Australia?

Beyond Furniture has taken the initiative to source an affordable mattress, similar to Latex mattresses, with the added benefit of being able to breathe and stay cool, which means it is even more practical for the Australian climate. The product was first launched in Germany in 1999. In Italy Dorsal started distributing in 2005; France, Switzerland and Austria also started in 2004; Japan in 2007; India, China and Thailand in 2009. Right now there are inferior copies of this natural foam; our competitors are taking a lot of time to understand how to produce natural foam using natural polyoils. Currently it is not widely publicised because the big world players prefer to carry on with coils and latex where they have invested so much research. Sooner or later they will switch to natural products and they will advertise it meaning natural foam will become more mainstream. Small to medium companies can move faster than bigger companies, they can seize the potential business and they are riding the wave. Here is a link of an American company that is investing a lot in America; they claim to be the number one and the first (Perhaps in the American market but not in the European) to use soy oils to produce natural foam and If they take off, and a market leading company like them start advertising natural foam, it will take off and become a perfect substitute to latex and coils.

28. Can I get a thicker, more cushioned cover?

Our SleepDry SoftCare Cover has 2cm of Soft Triocell foam padding, in our experience to date it is soft enough.

If you wish to have a softer cover, we recommend you purchase an extra wool/feather mattress protector.

29. What are the lead times? Why are the lead times so long?

The mattresses are manufactured in Italy; the mattresses are manufactured to European standard sizes. When Beyond Furniture places an order we have the mattresses made up to Australian standard sizes, and then shipped from Italy. This process takes 20 weeks. For this reason we try to keep good stock levels for the mattresses so customers do not have to wait that long. Occasionally the sales for the mattresses surpass expectations and we run out of stock, meaning customers will have to wait for the next shipment to arrive. Also if a customer orders a custom size or something from outside our normal range (e.g babysol or a bamboo cover) they will have to wait the 20 week lead time.

30.Which is most popular and why? Why don't you have more in stock is this an unpopular model?

Since Beyond Furniture started selling Grand Soleil, the Triocell has been the most popular. For this reason, the soft, medium and firm options have been brought in to ensure customers find the correct one.

In Italy the Etoile has become one of the most popular options due to its health benefits. It is also due to the popularity of visco elastic (memory foam).

The reason people like to buy top range mattresses is that they recognize a good mattress is critical for a good night's sleep, they are more concerned about their long term wellbeing rather than price, they want to gain the maximum benefits.

31. Which one has the lowest price? Which is the most expensive?

The Monocell has the lowest price; the Triocell has the highest price.

32.Why is there such a big variance in the price of your mattresses? Eg: the triocell -monocell?

Price variance depends on the complexity of the process. Monocell, as the name implies has one single sized cell in the mattress, the triocell mattress has three different sized cells 1/3 small for comfort, 1/3 medium for movement flexibility and 1/3 large sized cells for support. The more complex the structure, the greater the cost for the mattress, it also provides more benefits.

33. Why are they so expensive for a foam mattress?

This is not an ordinary foam mattress made from petroleum, this is a natural mattress made from natural oils, the technology and the process is different, the cost is much greater to create an open cell structure. If you compare prices with the comparitive level of natural Latex mattresses Talalay natural latex, our price is extremely competitive; it depends on which products you are comparing it with.

34.What is the material composition of the SleepDry SoftCare cover? How much does this mattress cover cost if we buy it on its own?

The material composition is: 45% cotton, 25% polyamide, 30% polyester with Triocell Softcare Foam padding.

SleepDry SoftCare covers: King cover $850, Queen cover $790, Double cover $690, King Single cover $650

35. What are the other covers available? What is the lead time?

'Namboo Sensitive' and 'Namboo Cotton' covers are also available, they are made from 100% bamboo & cotton (all natural) should a customer specify they want an all natural cover; the natural products are grown in pesticide and pollutant free fields. Another good cover is the Silver cover, called NaturArgento (Natur= Natural, Argento= Silver). It is naturally anti-bacterial (used for many years in cutlery to prevent bacteria forming); anti-stress because the fabric is treated with positive ions that counter the negative ions that we store during the day. Balancing these ions means we create an overall better sleeping environment. The fabric is made mostly of cotton, the Silver is a treatment applied to the fabric. Nano-technology is used to send micro-capsules into the yarn, that, with body heat will release its positive ions. It is also an oeko-tex tested fabric. Naturargento is one of those unique fabrics. It comes in 3 versions; Cotton, SoftCare and Air Cotton. Cotton is with continuous quilting and cotton filling; Softcare is with spotted quilting and SoftCare filling; Air cotton is with spotted quilting and cotton filling. The difference between continuous and spotted quilting is that continuous is a traditional style, Spotted quilting is a more modern style. Also the SoftCare and Air cotton versions have a special insert (called AIR) running all along the sides following the zipper. AIR is a third space fabric that allows air to flow in and out keeping the mattresses more ventilated. This insert is placed near the zipper and in the middle of the cover so when a body moves it pushes the air in and out providing the ventilation.

Sometimes customers are enquiring about material composition as they have an allergy to a specific toxin or a number of toxins, if this is the case, if they write down what they are allergic to we can make a direct enquiry with the factory to ensure this toxin is not used at any stage in the manufacturing process.

We usually keep SleepDry SoftCare covers in stock as this is the most popular design, other covers can be ordered though, it will take two weeks to manufacture it in Italy, then it is shipped to Australia. In some urgent cases it can be sent to Australia by airfreight.

36. How much are your slats? Can I keep my own slats?

Normal slats: King $425, Queen $375, Super Varial: King $755, Queen $695.

You can keep your own slats, but the support and comfort will be slightly different when you use our bed slats.

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