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25. What health benefits do these natural mattresses offer me?

• A better night’s sleep has many health benefits from things as simple as better immunity, through to the more complicated ideas of reduced incidence of obesity and, best of all, reduced ageing effects. The science behind this is, the functions your body performs during sleep, are at their most effective during the deep sleep phase. During the deep sleep phase your daily functions are cleansed and renewed, your cells reconnect, your muscles recover, hormone levels are stabilised, digestive system performs at its most efficient and your immune system is boosted. The Dorsal sleep system has been designed with physiotherapists to maximise the time spent in the deep sleep phase, with the following key features:

• Falling asleep faster: The comfort and support offered by the soft cover, and the profiling means you are more comfortable and cosy, the support offered through the core and slats is in 7 core zones allowing your muscles to relax almost instantly permitting you to fall asleep faster.

• Minimal Partner Disturbance: the core is made from foam, which, in its nature has reduced partner disturbance. If partner disturbance has been a particular problem for a couple in the past they can select to have their own core, and slats to ensure there is no way for movement on one side to transmit to the other side.

• Reduced Pressure points: pressure points are a large factor in disturbances during the night, pressure build up can cause aches, pains and discomforts, of numbness and pins and needles that will draw you out of your deep sleep phase, and interrupt your sleep. Grand Soleil mattresses have 7 differentiated support zones and profiled surfaces, in addition to covers filled with soft foam to distribute pressure across the surface and reduce compression points. Reduced pressure points also means improved blood flow and circulation, leading to less chances of clotting or other circulatory related health problems.

• Reduced back and neck pain: The sleep system is designed to support your spine in the same position as it is when standing, this is the correct position. A mattress that is too firm or too soft, will push your spine out of alignment, this can lead to aches, pains and more chronic complaints if left unfixed. The Grand Soleil system is designed to be flexible, the support feels as if thousands of hands are holding you up and responding to your movements and position, this is a preventative measure to ensure you do not develop back pain, and the mattresses can also help to reduce the pain in those who already suffer.

• A natural sleep system: with natural ingredients the mattress is not only a healthier choice for you; it is a more responsible choice for the environment.

• Dustmite free and antiallergenic: The Dorsal system is designed to encourage air to flow through it, ensuring the mattress remains dry and moisture free and an inhospitable environment for dust mites and allergens. The cover is also removable and washable, it is a more hygienic system than traditional spring mattresses.

26. How is this mattress better for allergy sufferers?

• Hayfever & Asthma Sufferers:

• Traditionally allergens have thrived in the core of inner spring mattresses, as moisture becomes trapped and a humid environment forms that allergens and dust mites thrive in.

• The entire Grand Soleil range is designed to encourage air flow through the core of the mattress, this works in synergy with the covers, they absorb moisture away from your body during the night, then during the day the air flowing through the mattress disperses the moisture ensuring the mattress remains dry, leaving an undesirable habitat for any allergens to survive in.

• The Grand Soleil range all feature removable covers that can be washed at home, this is ideal for allergy sufferers as they can wash the cover to refresh it as needed.

• The Grand Soleil range of pillows and pillow covers are also ideal for allergy sufferers. Our Grand Soleil pillows can be washed in cool water (30 degrees Celsius) to rinse dead skin and hair that gets trapped inside the pillow.

• Skin Allergies:

• The natural composition of Grand Soleil mattresses is more ideal for people with skin allergies, as they are natural products, non-natural products may irritate allergies as they may contain chemicals, synthetic fibres, toxins or glues/sprays.

• Any catalyst added in the manufacturing process will not remain as toxins in the final Grand Soleil product; other products with the same process are used in packaging fresh foods and in medical equipment, it has passed stringent safety & health checks.

• If you have a specific allergy to something we welcome you to provide us with the name and we can do a factory check to ensure this kind of product is not used in any part of the manufacturing process.

• We also keep 10x10cm mattress samples in store; please request a sample to be sent if you would like to test any potential reactions prior to purchasing.

27. I am very active and fit and do not currently have any sleep problems, how might this mattress improve my sleep?

• Many people do not report or are not aware of any sleep problems, though the latest innovations in mattresses can offer greater benefits, and offer improved sleep. With sleep being so important, and a good sleep having the ability to make you work better, perform better and be healthier, it is worth investigating the advantages a new mattress might offer you.

• The Grand Soleil range is designed and endorsed by Italian Physiotherapists to ensure the sleep system supports and offers benefits to an already healthy lifestyle.

• Our customers who are fit, active and healthy have reported many benefits of sleeping on the mattresses, including:

• The correct anatomical support means muscles can heal more effectively and efficiently during the night, ensuring your recovery time from exercise is optimised.

• Improved quality of sleep in the same amount of sleep hours (meaning more time spent in the deep sleep phase). If you have reduced sleep hours due to a high pressure job, or long hours, you need to get the most out of your sleep time, falling into a deep sleep faster, and remaining in it longer means your deep sleep time is maximised and you feel more refreshed when you wake up. The Grand Soleil mattresses optimises your chances of longer deep sleep phase by providing a comfort soft outer cover to fall asleep quickly, and reduces disturbances throughout the night, there is no partner disturbance, noise disturbance (from the bed) and the profiling reduces pressure points meaning you will turn and wake less from numbness, pins and needles and discomfort.

• A mattress system that is personalised to your needs, and your partners needs, means no more compromising, you can both now get the best sleep possible, through a personalised mix’n’match mattress, or through adjustable super or dynamic slats. Plus, as your needs change over the years (weight change or pregnancy) the bed can be adjusted with you.

• The sleep system should be viewed as an investment; it is something you may have for the next decade, buying the latest innovations now, ensures you will be sleeping well for the life of the mattress.

• Another important factor to keep in mind is the Dorsal’s sleep system ability to prevent problems in the future. It is common for younger people to have the ability to fall asleep faster and not have complaints when sleeping on a mattress that has incorrect support, though over time a mattress offering poor support will eventually lead to body aches and pain, as your muscles have to continually strain to support you whilst you sleep. You may have your Dorsal sleep system for at least the next decade, it is a good investment to buy it before you have any specific sleep complaints, as the mattress can prevent these problems from occurring, and preventing is always better then curing.

28. I have severe allergies; can I access the ingredients in the mattress to check that it would be suitable?

• We are pleased that our Grand Soleil mattresses have been able to assist many of our customers who suffer allergies, from minor through to severe, and offer them a better night’s sleep. If you suffer an allergy please contact us so we can answer any queries relating specifically to your allergy.

• We can also provide samples of the mattress core, for severe allergy sufferers, the sample can be tested with your physician to ensure you will not have any adverse reactions.

• We are unable to provide a full list of ingredients for copyright reasons, though we invite you to write down what you are allergic to and we can check with the factory to ensure the manufacturing process is free of it.

29. Do the mattresses have an odour?

• No the mattresses do not have an odour.

• When you first receive your mattress you may notice an odour, this comes from the closed packaging the mattresses were in during transit. We recommend airing out your mattress for a day or two if possible before using it, if not, this odour should disappear within 3-7, or up to 14 days of delivery (this will depend on the amount of fresh air flow through your bedroom).

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