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8. How do they compare to latex? How do they compare to Talalay (natural) latex?

• The majority of latex mattresses on the market are in fact synthetic, or hybrids (blends of synthetic and natural); meaning they are not natural. They also vary greatly in their quality, just as inner spring do, with inexpensive Latex products at the lower end of the market providing very few benefits, and top of the range Latex products offering good benefits, generally the quality will be reflected in the price.

• 100% Natural Talalay Latex is probably the most comparable product to the Grand Soleil range of mattresses. It is natural, and depending on the manufacturer and the model may have similar support benefits to the Grand Soleil range, including 7 core zone support and pressure point relief. The main difference is Talalay latex, even if it is natural, is still a thick, heavy, rubbery material that does not breathe well, making it hot to sleep on, heavy and hard to manage, and they often they have a ‘latexy’ odour associated with them. The Grand Soleil range is more suited to the Australian climate.

9. How do they compare to memory foam mattresses? How do they compare to Tempur?

• Memory Foam, in particular Tempur mattresses are known for their pressure relieving properties. They are designed so the foam reacts to your body heat, and softens around you, in order to conform to your curves, relieving pressure build up. We have two memory foam products, the Etoile and the Zefiro, and the benefits you receive from these mattresses over regular Visco Elastic or Tempur is that they are natural, they are cool, and they also offer pressure relief & comfort.

Natural: Dorsal have produced the first natural memory foam, it is heat sensitive and conforms to your body, just as others do, though, it is a part of their innovative Grand Soleil range that is natural, open-cell and breathable. Tempur mattresses consist of 8cm of Visco Elastic on 11cm of regular foam, the entire Tempur mattress is made from synthetic materials.

Breathable: The Grand Soleil memory foam has been produced in the same way as the rest of the Grand Soleil range, they force the cells open in the production stage. Our Visco ‘Etoile’ and Zefiro mattress offer the same benefits as a Tempur, though it is much cooler. The Zefiro in particular, as it is partnered with the innovative Zefiro tubes technology is designed to draw air through the mattress to regulate temperature and ensure a constant air flow to disperse moisture, it is ideal for those looking for the benefits of memory foam without the ‘hot’ factor.

Pressure Relief: Dorsal’s Visco ‘Etoile’ mattress and Zefiro mattress with the memory foam comfort layer, offer exceptional pressure relieving properties and have received a medical grade certification in Italy deeming them suitable for those who must spend prolonged periods of time in bed.

10. Do they mould to your body like Tempur and latex mattresses?

• Dorsal’s memory foam mattresses including the Visco Etoile and the Zefiro are heat sensitive visco elastic, they are designed to contour to your curves to provide perfect anatomical support. We have found the open-cell, sponge like structure of the Dorsal memory foam returns to its original form faster, reducing the ‘lag’ effect of some memory foam mattresses.

• The Duocell and Triocell range have 7 core zones, profiled to allow the heavier parts of your body to sink in slightly, and provide support through your waist and neck; they cradle your body without moulding to it, ensuring you remain supported, yet cool.

11. What benefits does this mattress have over an inner spring mattress?

Metal Free: Grand Soleil Mattresses are Metal Free, metal forms a magnetic field which is known to disrupt sleep patterns.

Longer Life Span: Over the course of a few years, inner springs models can harbour moulds & mildews that are hard & expensive to remove.  Grand Soleil mattresses remain hygienic for a longer period of time.

Minimal Partner Disturbance: Spring mattresses are associated with partner disturbance, as a movement on one side reverberates though the metal to the other side, or in the more advanced versions, the coils are all connected to give them additional strength, a movement on one side will pass through to the other side.

Made from Natural Materials: Grand Soleil mattresses are natural, spring mattresses in addition to having metal will generally have layers of padding and wadding from synthetic foams, and synthetic fibres, often they are glued together, and they may contain additional chemical sprays.

Perfect Anatomical Support: The Grand Soleil sleep system consisting of mattress plus slats provide anatomic support, they are designed to hold your body in the same posture as when you stand, to allow your cervical column to fully relax, for a deeper, more beneficial sleep; inner spring’s vary greatly in their support, comfy pillow top layers do not necessarily mean correct anatomical support.

Allergen & Dustmite Free: Grand Soleil mattresses do not support allergens, inner spring mattresses are a perfect humid environment for allergens to thrive in the centre of the mattress. Inner spring mattresses normally have layers of padding and fibres that absorb moisture, this moisture remains trapped, sometimes causing mould and mildews to grow. Grand Soleil mattresses are an inhospitable environment for allergens and dust mites, the mattress cover is designed to absorb and disperse moisture keeping you and your mattress cool, dry and healthy.

12. I have always slept on an inner spring mattress; do these mattresses feel very different?

• It can depend on what type of inner spring you are used to, soft, firm or pillow top. Initially when you sit on one, it feels softer and ‘bouncier’ then what you may expect, once you lie on it however, it picks up your body weight and distributes it across the entire surface, you will feel very supported and when you find the right one, it should feel like you are being ‘held’ by the mattress. The diamond cuts, profiling and foam filled mattress covers form the equivalent of the ‘pillow top’ they provide the comfort soft layer; we find the majority of customers can find a mattress they are perfectly comfortable on from our range, we suggest coming and trialling one today!

• When you change mattress type it will always take your body a couple of weeks to adapt. From experience we have found customers swapping from a fairly soft, or pillow top mattress have a fairly short adaptation period, and those coming from a very firm set up may experience some disruptions, as their muscles relearn to relax.

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