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37. Can I just purchase slats (as opposed to the base) to put in an existing bed?

• Yes. Our slats are Australian Standard sizes, they should fit most bed frames, though you should always double check the dimensions as they can vary between retailers. You will also need to check that your bed has a ridge style support around the perimeter that will adequately support the slat frame; some beds designed for flat timber slats may not be suitable. Our staff will be able to help you further if you need assistance checking the suitability of an existing frame.

38. Is the pillow important? I like my current pillow.

• Yes, pillows play a key role in supporting your head and cervical column in their correct position and an incorrect pillow could cause shoulder aches, neck aches and headaches. Pillows should also be updated every two years, as they absorb a lot of moisture and can become unhygienic after this time frame.

• Our range of pillows has been designed to work in synergy with the mattress and base, and using a pillow will ensure you get the most out of your sleep system. The range of pillows has been designed to cater for most preferences, so you should easily be able to find a suitable replacement for your beloved pillow!

39. Why are there 3 covers? What are the differences? Which one is best for me?

• The three covers each have a slightly different function; this choice is available so you can select the one that suits you most. The covers have three key roles, a) to reduce pressure points, b) to absorb and disperse moisture to maintain a cool, dry sleep environment and c) to provide an extra layer of comfort for a comfy, undisturbed sleep.

• The Sleep Dry Cover is made from hydrophile cotton, with a thick layer of SoftCare foam padding, it is like a plush mattress protector, it is soft and cosy and lovely to sleep on. The SleepDry has excellent moisture dispersion properties, the cotton absorbs moisture and it is dispersed throughout the day, keeping you dry and protecting the mattress core.

• The Naturagento cover is made from Silver yarn and tencel fibres, with a thick layer of Softcare foam inside for comfort. The Silver yarn helps disperse static electricity, this is great for people who sleep with a lot of electrical devices in their bedroom, and silver is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. The tencel fibres are excellent at drawing in moisture, for it to disperse throughout the day to maintain a hygienic, dry environment. The Naturagento is particularly good for people who suffer allergies or asthma.

• The Namboo (bamboo) cover is the completely natural option; it is made from bamboo fibres, and has a summer and a winter side. The summer is filled with Cotton, and the winter side is filled with wool. The Bamboo cover is ideal for people who want an all natural cover, or those who sleep quite hot, as the summer weight side is nice and cool.

40. Why does the sleep dry cover have polyester in it? Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of it being natural?

• The SleepDry cover does have polyester in it, meaning there is synthetic fibres. The purpose of the polyester is to work in conjunction with the cotton to disperse moisture. The addition of the polyester means the sleep dry cover is even more practical, cotton on its own is a delicate material unable to withstand washing and drying in a domestic washing machine, the addition of polyester gives the Sleep Dry cover more strength, and enables customers to wash the cover at home in their washing machine. 

41. Can I purchase a new cover down the track if I want a second one?

• Yes, this is a great way to have a seasonal change, or to freshen up your mattress after a few years. Please find the prices below, you can order in store or over the phone:

• All covers: King: AUD$850, Queen: AUD$790.

42. Why do the covers absorb moisture? Where does the moisture go?

• The covers are designed to draw moisture away from you as you sleep to ensure you have a cool, comfortable & dry sleep. The covers hold the water until it is dispersed, and in doing so, protect the core from moisture, meaning a moist, humid environment is not formed within the mattress core.

• The moisture is dispersed throughout the day and evaporated. It is a good idea to air the mattress for a few hours once a week, when you change the sheets to aid this process.

• The covers are designed to do this, as, on average we lose up to 200Litres of moisture a year, on most mattresses this is absorbed into the core forming a moist, humid environment where allergens thrive. The covers absorb the moisture in order to disperse it; this protects the mattress core, and ensures you have a dry, comfortable sleep. These covers can also be washed at home, to refresh them further.

43. Why are there different types of slats? Which slats are best for me?

• Each individual’s requirements are different; there is a range of slats, mattresses, covers and pillows so we can offer a choice to our customers to meet their individual needs. Our range of slats offers different benefits, the Dorsal Varial slats come as standard when you purchase a bed from Beyond Furniture, they are Dorsal’s standard model designed to work with their mattresses and provide a perfect anatomical base.

• Dorsal’s Super slats offer greater flexibility through the shoulder region and allow the user to adapt the firmness through the lumbar so you can personalise your comfort.

• The Dymanic Slats (including Dynamic Motorised) are top of the line products that offer even further benefits. There are even more slats with different resistance to provide different support to different parts of the body. The raised slat holders means there is excellent flexibility across the whole slat, and the adjustable cursors through the lumbar region allow you to adapt the firmness to suit your personal preference.

• Please read each slats descriptions on our Natural Mattress website to learn more about he differences and benefits, and one of Sales Assistants can assist you in finding the right one for you, in store or over the phone.

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