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22. What is the warranty? How long will the mattress last?

• The warranty is 10 years please refer to the warranty details by following this link.

• A mattress is designed to perform for the length of its warranty, with good care however, they can last much longer. We recommend customers to update their mattress after a 10-12 year period for health and hygiene reasons, as over a ten year period it is more then likely your body’s needs have changed and your sleep system should be updated accordingly to continue getting the best sleep.

23. Will they squash and lose their shape over time?

• The mattresses have undergone an independent test by CATAS to test this, the mattresses were subject to a 60 000 rolls from a roller that placed 100kg pressure on the mattress (simulating 10 years of use), the total displacement at the end of the test was less then 2mm.

• Please follow this link, to watch the video with this test

24. I’m a fairly big guy; will they provide me with enough support?

• Yes, we will have a mattress system to provide you with the correct support. Generally if you are a larger build, you may need a firmer support, to provide the correct resistance, this can be achieved with a firmer mattress core, or if you prefer a soft mattress it can be achieved with a soft-medium core and super or dynamic slats adjusted to provide a firmer base.

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