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13. Which one offers the best support? How do I know which one is best for me?

• The Dorsal system is built around research and innovation in the field of sleep, they are designed to enhance your sleep by providing correct anatomical support, correct anatomical support means that your sleep system supports your body in the same posture as when you are standing, if this is achieved you will have a better sleep and the best results. For many years we were told the best support is a firm (orthopedic) support as it keeps your back straight, recently this has been proven incorrect as your muscles have to work to adapt to the mattress. The perfect solution is your mattress adapting to you, not vice versa, to allow your muscles to relax.

• The Grand Soleil mattresses are all designed to provide excellent support. The mattress that provides the best support is not too firm and not too soft. It will be determined by the size of the person that is sleeping on it. People 90kg+ will feel more comfortable and be better supported by a firmer mattress; a smaller person (less then 55kg) will be properly supported on a softer mattress, and a medium mattress is generally suitable for people 55-90kg. Each individual will need to try the mattresses in order to determine which mattress provides the best support and preferred comfort.

• Your sleep position will also determine which mattress choice is best. If you sleep on your side, we recommend something soft-medium to allow your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress to ensure your spine remains straight, and to ensure there is no excess compression at these pressure points. For those who sleep on their back, we recommend a firmer feel for their size, it will help distribute the weight of their hip region, and ensure their waist and torso are supported, if you lie on your back, there should be a minimal gaps between your shoulders and hips.

• The support each individual needs is dependant upon their size, their sleep position and their personal preference for firmness. The Dorsal system is made up of slats + mattress + cover, we have a range of slats plus a range of mattresses that can be combined together in over 70 different ways, this means that we can help you find the correct support system to suit your individual requirements.

• Not only can Dorsal offer you correct support, we can ensure both you and your partner have the correct support, regardless of your sizes, and preferences, there is now no need to ‘settle’ on something in the middle. You can select the mattress most suited to you, and your partner the mattress most suited them, and we put it in the one cover, to make one standard sized mattress. Adjustable slats allow further personalisation to your preferred comfort levels, and allow you to customise your support over the years as your body and needs change.

• To find your perfect sleep system we recommend coming to one of our Beyond Furniture stores to test them, our staff are trained to help you find the perfect system. If you will be sleeping with a partner, we recommend bringing them also.

14. Why are they not endorsed by Australian chiropractors?

• At this stage we have not submitted them for testing with Australian Chiropractors as they are already endorsed by the Italian Association of Physiotherapists. Dorsal have been working in partnership with physiotherapists since 2006 to create products with advanced anatomical support.

15. Is the base (slats) important?

• Yes, the slats, or the base, are an important part of the whole Dorsal sleep system. The slats provide a flexible support base for the mattress that has been designed in synergy with the mattress to provide correct anatomical support.

• Dorsal’s slats are curved, flexing beech wood slats with patented slat inserts for superior strength and flexibility.

• Dorsal has a range of slats to ensure you gain the most benefit from your sleep system:

- The Super Slats: feature 7 zones to complement the zones of the mattress, the sliding cursers through the lumbar region allow the user to personalise the firmness, this is particularly useful for couples who have different preferences, and also to allow greater control to cater to your changing needs through the life of the mattress.

- The Dynamic & Dynamic Motorised Slats: feature raised slats with Hyrtel joints that offer greater flexibility across the entire slat, as well as 7 zones and adjustable cursers through the waist and lumbar region so the user can adjust it to their preferred firmness as required. The motorised slats have the additional lifestyle and health benefits of a motor adjustable head and foot region, for unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

• If you were to use your new mattress on non-flexing or different slats your new mattress may feel different and you may not receive the full advantages of a Dorsal sleep system. For example if you have flat (rigid) timber slats the mattress would feel firmer to what you trialled in store, and you would not receive the full benefit of the flexible slats and support.

16. What are the 7 core zones? Why are they important?

• The 7 core zones are the main zones of the body, the head, the shoulders, the waist and lumbar, the hips, thighs, lower legs and feet. The best sleeping position is one that maintains the spine in the same posture as when you stand, a mattress that provides varied support to these core zones will facilitate this.

• Dorsal’s sleep system has been designed around providing the correct support to the 7 core zones, all the mattresses have been profiled, and the corresponding covers assist to disperse pressure. The Super slats have profiled shoulder slats to offer greater flexibility through the shoulder region, and adjustable lumbar slats. The Dynamic slats offer greater flexibility across the whole slat, as well as profiled and adjustable slats to work in synergy with the mattresses and provide customised support to the various parts of the body.

17. Why does the Dorsal sleep system offer superior support to others on the market?

• The Dorsal sleep system is made up of the mattress, the cover, the slats and the pillow to provide the most supportive and beneficial sleep system. Each component of the system has unique advantages when compared to other products on the market, so using the components individually will have many advantages, using the whole sleep system together means you can enjoy the full benefits of the Dorsal Sleep system.

• The mattress is the key component; it provides the support for your body and the comfort. Dorsal’s Grand Soleil mattresses are unique in that they address sleep posture, pressure point distribution and comfort. The aim is to maintain your posture in the same position as when you stand, this allows your muscles to relax and you enjoy a deep and restorative sleep. Dorsal mattresses achieve this through the 7 core zones and surface profiling, it provides different resistance to different parts of your body to support your body in its correct posture. The choice of mattresses ensures all customers can find something to suit their personal requirements. The profiling, and padded cover work to reduce pressure points by distributing your body weight across the entire surface, they also act as a comfort soft layer, for a cosy, comfortable sleep.

• The slats provide the support for the mattress, they are an integral component as the flexibility of the slats further permits the mattress to cater to your curves, it will respond to your movements and sleep position, and always provide perfect support. By purchasing Super slats you have even further flexibility through the shoulders, the Dynamic Slats and Dynamic Motorised slats have raised slat holders with Hyrtel flexible slat holders, this means you receive even flexibility across the entire slat. Both the Super and the Dynamic have adjustable cursers so you can personalise your support, not only is this great for couples who have different preferences, it means that through the years your support can be altered to always provide the support you need, for example if you lose weight, gain weight, suffer an injury or become pregnant your slats can be adjusted to cater to your new needs.

• The Dorsal range of pillows has been designed to support your neck and head whilst sleeping. The Grand Soleil pillows take the pressure off the muscles in your neck by distributing the weight of your head and allowing your neck muscles to relax, relieving pressure and aches.

• When each component is used individually you will gain these advantages, when used together, your sleep system will provide outstanding support to maintain better sleep posture and you will gain full advantage from your mattress. The sleep system conforms to your body to support you, rather then you needeing to adapt to your mattress.

18. Which mattress is best for a bad back? Will it fix my back problems?

• If you suffer from back pains (especially those that appear in the morning and disappear during the day) we recommend buying the mattress + slats, as in order to get the best support the Dorsal mattress and slats work together to relieve pressure on your back.

• All our mattresses are designed to relieve pressure on the back. The ‘Etoile’ & ‘Zefiro’ mattress both have Visco elastic top layers, which have superior pressure relieving properties and can help relieve some of the strain and pain associated with minor back pain. The ‘Etoile’ and ‘Zefiro’ models have received medical grade certifications in Italy, as they are suitable for those who spend prolonged periods of time in bed.

• The Dorsal system, including the slats and pillow will provide support for spinal alignment and reduce the pressure on your back, alleviating some pain that has resulted from a poor mattresses providing bad sleep posture.

• Whilst the Dorsal system can relieve pressure and strains, they can not undo years of damage, we recommend using a Dorsal system for correct anatomical support before you suffer any pain or problems, they have the ability to prevent the onset of back problems associated with poor sleep posture.

* For serious back conditions, and injuries we recommend consulting your physician or chiropractor for advice tailored to your injury

19. I tested them in your store, they appear to be quite soft, I thought a firm a mattress was better for your back?

• This is a long held belief for many people. A too firm mattress will push the heavier parts of your body out of alignment, which over time will cause pain as your muscles are forced to adapt and support your spine throughout the night, when they should be relaxed and healing.

• Current research has dis-proven the theory of the firmer the mattress the better, in place of a support system that works in synergy with the natural curves of your body, the bed system should cradle your every curve, allowing your body to relax completely during sleep.

• The Dorsal sleep system is made up of a range of flexible slat bases, a range of cores to suit different body types, each core has 7 profiled zones designed to provide different resistance to different parts of the body to ensure your spine can remain supported in its natural alignment, and a range of covers that disperse pressure. This choice exists so each customer can find their perfect support system that supports them in their correct posture (the correct sleep posture will be same posture as when you are standing).

• The best result for your sleep system is for the system to adapt to your body, not you adapt to the mattress, if your body has to adapt to the mattress then your muscles have to be working hard, which can cause strain and aches over time.

20. I like soft and my husband likes firm, which mattress is the most suitable?

• We would suggest purchasing a mix and match mattress, half soft for your preference, and the other half firm. You could purchase this in conjunction with our super, or dynamic slats, which allow you and your husband to further personalise the firmness with sliders that you can adjust at home.

• If you did not want to go for the Mix and Match mattress option, then selecting something in the middle (such as a Triocell medium), and purchasing Super or Dynamic slats will allow you to adjust the firmness of the slats at home to your individual preferred comfort level.

21. We are interested in a mix and match queen size bed, but we are concerned you will feel the join?

• Studies have shown that most couples roll away from each other when they are sleeping, and less then 10% of couples will be touching whilst in their deep sleep phase. It is more important to have your mattress provide the correct support for your deep sleep phase, to get the most benefits and improved quality of sleep. If you tend to fall asleep in the middle of the bed, or spend time in the middle of the bed before rolling on to your side, the seam is not noticeable and should not be a disturbance to this time.

• When we put the two mattresses inside the one cover, the actual join is not noticeable, if you were lying directly over the seam, you would not be uncomfortable nor would you be aware there is a join in the mattress, though this is not where you would gain the most comfort and benefit from your support system. If there are two different cores, for example one firm and one soft, you would feel the difference in firmness if you were to roll from one side of the bed to the other.

• We have mix and match mattresses set up in our showrooms so customers can try them.

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