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30. Can I use the mattress on my existing base? Would it feel different on an ensemble base? Or flat timber slats?

• The Dorsal mattresses have been designed with the Dorsal slats, and you would get the most benefits from your mattress when it is partnered with the Dorsal slats. However you can use the mattress with your existing base.

• Ensemble Base: Should you use the mattress on an ensemble base, you should receive sufficient support, but you would lose the benefit of the ‘breathability’ of the mattress, as the ensemble base would impair the air flow through the mattress.

• Flat Timber Slats: The support would feel much firmer than what you trialled in store, as the support is non-flexing.

• If you are planning on using your new mattress with an existing base, please call and speak to one of our Sales team for more information.

31. Do I have to buy the base as well?

• We recommend buying the base (or slats) with your mattress, the Dorsal sleep system has been designed as a whole system, you will gain the most advantages from using the slat base as well. The slats can be purchased without legs for use in an existing frame if you do not want to update your bed frame.

• The Dorsal bases, as pictured on our website, are simply a slat frame with some legs put on (4 legs plus 2 middle support legs) used as a simple base.  When purchasing from Beyond Furniture you have 3 options:

• Buy the slats only- for use in an existing bed frame*

• Buy the slats in a bed frame from Beyond Furniture, our beds come with Italian Varial slats as standard, should you want Super, Dynamic or Dynamic Motorised, this will be priced as an upgrade, please call us for details.

• Buy the slats with legs (Dorsal Base) as pictured on the Natural Mattress website.

*If you would like to purchase the slats to go into an existing bed frame or a bed frame from another retailer please carefully check the dimensions. Our slats are Australian Standard sizes, but dimensions from different retailers can vary.

32. Can I use the mattress on the floor?

• We do not recommend using the mattress on the floor, this will void the warranty. It is also recommended that you stay 20-30cm off the floor to avoid drafts that can cause stiff necks, and to avoid insects & insect bites.

• If you choose to use your mattress on the floor, the support will feel different, and you will lose the advantage of the air circulating. Please also check the conditions of your floor, as any excess moisture, mildews or moulds on the floor or in the area (for example excess moisture from a nearby bathroom) will damage the mattress.

33. Do I need to flip the mattress? Is it heavy and hard to manage? How do I look after it?

• We do recommend turning the mattress from head to toe, every 3 months, and flipping the Duocell or Triocell models every 6 months.

• The lightweight nature of the mattress means it is more manageable when compared to bulkier inner springs or latex; 2 people should always move the mattress together to avoid injury.

• The mattress cover has handles to assist when moving the mattress.

• The lightweight nature of the mattress means there are no problems when making the bed, and putting on fitted sheets or mattress protectors.

34. How do I wash the cover? Do I have to dry clean it? How often does it need washing?

• You can wash your cover in the washing machine at home, care instructions vary from cover to cover, please check the label inside your cover, or our care instructions online.

• The covers all have 4 zips, so the top and the bottom separate, and can be washed in turn.

• We recommend washing the covers in a 6 monthly cycle; you could wash more regularly (every 3 months) if it has been particularly hot or humid, or if you are not using a mattress protector. 

35. Should I use a mattress protector/underlay or is the cover enough? Do I use normal sheets?

• We recommend using a mattress protector to help protect the mattress, you should look for one made from natural fibres such as wool or cotton, anything synthetic will impair the air circulation.

• Yes, you use normal sheets; you should look for sheets made from natural fibres, such as 100% cotton, to ensure the mattress can breathe. We recommend ‘Linen House’s flexi-sheet’ fitted sheet as it has elastic sides; Linen House is available from Myer, when looking at other brands look for regular depth size.

36. Can I use an electric blanket?

• Yes, you can use your electric blanket on low and medium settings, please follow all the normal safety precautions, and never leave your electric blanket on unattended.

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