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1. What is the mattress made out of? How are they made?

• The mattresses are made from natural vegetable oils including sunflower seed oil, soy oil, rap oil and water.

• The Grand Soleil foam is formed on foaming machines, the raw oils are heated then dropped on to a conveyor belt, where the ingredients react with the air and form a foam. The speed of the conveyor belt will dictate the quality of the foam, the slower it moves the better the quality of foam, but the more expensive the production. Grand Soleil is formed very slowly allowing the cells time to be forced open in order to create an open-celled foam. A ‘foam loaf’ is formed which becomes the base product for the mattress core. The foam then undergoes a number of crushing and stabilising process to force the cells open further, and to give the foam the correct resilience. The foam blocks are transformed into the mattress core after being cut and pressed then finished with the laser cutting to form the 7 core zones.

2. Are they latex?

• No, the mattresses are not latex.

• Latex are also a foam mattress, though made from different raw ingredients, Natural Talalay latex mattresses are based on tree sap as the base ingredient to form the foam, synthetic latex mattresses are made with petrochemicals as their base ingredient. Latex in general has a more ‘rubbery’ texture to it, and is a closed cell product (except 100% Talalay products that has an additional freezing process forcing the cells open), making it quite hot to sleep on. Grand Soleil foam resembles a sponge when you look closely; it has an open-cell structure, and is cooler to sleep on than Latex.

3. Where are they made? Who makes them?

Meet Dorsal: All the products on the Natural Mattress website are produced by an Italian company named Dorsal. Dorsal are a family run Italian company, in operation since 1932. They have pioneered the sleep system, with goals based on research and innovation to always produce products to optimise health and well being, whilst respecting the environment.

“A good, refreshing sleep gives us renewed vitality and wellbeing which are of great importance given today’s increasingly frenetic pace of life. This is why choosing the right Bed System can improve the quality of life. Here at Dorsal, this is our mission.”

• Dorsal are renowned for being a premier natural foam mattress brand in Italy, and is held in very high regard in the European market. Beyond Furniture are now exclusively bringing Dorsal products to the Australian market, to give Australians an opportunity to buy the latest European innovations in sleep systems.

Made in Italy: All Dorsal’s products are manufactured in Italy, Dorsal has three manufacturing plants in northern Italy and pride themselves on all production strictly taking place in their premises, with every piece hand finished and checked by a member of their manufacturing team.

German Technology: Dorsal have formed a partnership with the German manufacturing company Metzler, they are the only manufacturer currently able to make a natural, open cell foam with such a high density, The foam from Metzeler forms the beginnings of the Grand Soleil Range.

4. Who is Natural Mattress? What is their relationship to Beyond Furniture?

• Natural Mattress are an affiliate of Beyond Furniture, established in order to help inform our customers on the details of our Grand Soleil natural mattress range.

• Natural Mattress is wholly owned by Beyond Furniture, when you purchase your mattress, you will purchase your mattress with Beyond Furniture. Beyond Furniture have 4 showrooms in Sydney; please contact a store for more information.

5. I have never heard of this type of mattress before, are they new?

• Beyond furniture introduced the Grand Soleil natural mattress range into Australia 3 years ago, in 2008. The first Grand Soleil natural foam mattress was launched in Europe in 1999.

• The majority of mattresses sold in Europe now are foam (natural, synthetic, latex or memory), with inner spring or coil based mattresses becoming a minority. Europeans are making the switch due to the proven health benefits of sleeping on a foam mattress. Australia is roughly 10 years behind the European mattress market, we are only now making the switch from Spring based bed systems, with recent growth in foam mattresses including latex and memory foam.

• The Grand Soleil range of natural foam mattresses are the latest innovation, being amongst the first in the world to be able to produce a natural foam with superior support. They are particularly suited to the Australian climate, as they have an open-cell structure that allows the mattress to breathe, a crucial aspect in Australia’s warm climate.

6. What does ‘natural’ mean? Are they really ALL natural?

• Natural means the mattress is produced from natural raw ingredients, sourced from ecological suppliers, all ingredients (including the timber for the slats) are grown in pesticide and pollutant free fields, and are renewable resources from controlled cultivations. Dorsal work alongside C.A.R.M.E.N a leading European renewable resources centre to ensure each stage of their production is ecologically sound. They have received OEKO TEX certifications for environmentally friendly finished products and manufacturing processes.

• The mattress core has a setting agent derived from synthetics, this represents a minimal percentage of the final product, and is a crucial component that causes the raw ingredients to react and form foam. This agent is found in all foam mattresses, including natural Talalay latex mattresses. Grand Soleil foam is amongst the most natural mattress on the Australian market.

7. Are they hot? What does open cell mean? How are they made to be open cell?

• Many of our customers have this concern after learning that sleeping on a latex or memory foam mattress can be uncomfortably hot for some. Grand Soleil mattress is an open-cell foam, this is visible when you view the product, it has a sponge like appearance, allowing air to move through it, as opposed to latex or many regular Visco-elastic memory foams on the market, which are rubbery to the touch. Most latex products have the pin hole aeration system as they are a closed cell material that does not breathe. The problem with this pin hole system is, limited air actually manages to circulate through the mattress once the holes become constricted when you are lying on it. In addition many latex mattresses have pin holes on either side that do not actually meet, meaning the hole does not run through the entire core, and no air circulates.

• Grand Soleil mattresses are ideal for the Australian climate, when used with slats and natural fibre sheets they should not feel warmer than an inner spring mattress.

• The open cell structure is made in the manufacturing process; the production through the foam machines is slow enough to enable the cells to be forced open. The foam is then crushed and stabilised to further open the cells.

• If a customer is a particularly hot sleeper, they should look at the Zefiro mattress, the latest innovation; it is a mattress with Tubes technology, so it breathes even better!

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