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Natural Mattress

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What are natural mattresses?

1. What is the mattress made out of? How are they made?
2. Are they latex?
3. Where are they made? Who makes them?
4. Who is Natural Mattress? What is their relationship to Beyond Furniture?
5. I have never heard of this type of mattress before, are they new?
6. What does Ďnaturalí mean? Are they really ALL natural?
7. Are they hot? What does open cell mean? How are they made to be open cell?

How do they compare with other mattresses?

8. How do they compare to latex? How do they compare to Talalay (natural) latex?
9. How do they compare to memory foam mattresses? How do they compare to Tempur?
10. Do they mould to your body like Tempur and latex mattresses?
11. What benefits does this mattress have over an inner spring mattress?
12. I have always slept on an inner spring mattress; do these mattresses feel very different?

Mattress support & comfort questions.

13. Which one offers the best support? How do I know which one is best for me?
14. Why are they not endorsed by Australian chiropractors?
15. Is the base (slats) important?
16. What are the 7 core zones? Why are they important?
17. Why does the Dorsal sleep system offer superior support to others on the market?
18. Which mattress is best for a bad back? Will it fix my back problems?
19. I tested them in your store, they appear to be quite soft, I thought a firm a mattress was better for your back?
20. I like soft and my husband likes firm, which mattress is the most suitable?
21. We are interested in a mix and match queen size bed, but we are concerned you will feel the join?

Mattress quality & warranty.

22. What is the warranty? How long will the mattress last?
23. Will they squash and lose their shape over time?
24. Iím a fairly big guy; will they provide me with enough support?

Health & allergies.

25. What health benefits do these natural mattresses offer me?
26. How is this mattress better for allergy sufferers?
27. I am very active and fit and do not currently have any sleep problems, how might this mattress improve my sleep?
28. I have severe allergies; can I access the ingredients in the mattress to check that it would be suitable?
29. Do the mattresses have an odour?

Mattress use & care.

30. Can I use the mattress on my existing base? Would it feel different on an ensemble base? Or flat timber slats?
31. Do I have to buy the base as well?
32. Can I use the mattress on the floor?
33. Do I need to flip the mattress? Is it heavy and hard to manage? How do I look after it?
34. How do I wash the cover? Do I have to dry clean it? How often does it need washing?
35. Should I use a mattress protector/underlay or is the cover enough? Do I use normal sheets?
36. Can I use an electric blanket?

Mattress accessories.

37. Can I just purchase slats (as opposed to the base) to put in an existing bed?
38. Is the pillow important? I like my current pillow.
39. Why are there 3 covers? What are the differences? Which one is best for me?
40. Why does the sleep dry cover have polyester in it? Doesnít this defeat the purpose of it being natural?
41. Can I purchase a new cover down the track if I want a second one?
42. Why do the covers absorb moisture? Where does the moisture go?
43. Why are there different types of slats? Which slats are best for me?

Price, lead time, purchasing questions.

44. What sizes do they come in? Can I order a custom size?
45. Why is the Zefiro much more expensive then the other models?
46. If itís a foam mattress, why isnít it cheaper?
47. I do not live in Sydney; do you have showrooms outside of Sydney? How can I choose the right mattress?
48. I am purchasing online, how do I choose a different cover? Or different slats?
49. I want to buy a good mattress, but after researching online, there seems to be so much conflicting information, how do I know what to look for?

Post sale questions.

50. I have had the mattress for a few days and am not comfortable, what are my options? Can I return it?

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