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The Reasons Mattress Prices Vary So Much

Thursday, 09 May 2013 11:56 Published in Beyond Team Blog

Why is there such variance in the price of foam mattresses?  For example, foam mattresses are available from $200 or so, and run right through into the thousands, what differences do these mattresses have to reflect the price variations?

The reason different foams are at different prices is technology.  The may look similar on the outside, but what goes into the composition of different foams varies greatly, in the same way all carís share the same basic function, but itís performance (whatís under the bonnet) that sets the price. 

It takes years of research to discover the right chemicals & the right curing time to achieve the right feeling product.  This R&D takes time and money.  The top mattress companies will be conducting continuous research and development and driving innovation in the mattress field.  The secret to any foam is the recipe to produce it, and the better the product the more guarded the recipe will be.

Here are some of the main differences to look out for that will be reflected in the price of the product.

Synthetic foams will be less expensive.

-  Synthetic foams are made from petrochemicals.  Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels, such as coal.

-  These are cheaper to produce the natural foams, but natural foams have greater benefits for your sleep & health. 

Density, lower densities will be less expensive

-  Denisty refers to the amount of the ingredient in the final product, so it makes sense that a lower density mattress uses fewer ingredients and is cheaper.

-  A high density foam will be more expensive, but will hold its form for longer meaning you can use it for longer, and it will offer more effective support. 


-  The latest technologies will be more expensive.  As with anything, when a technology is first released, it has cost that company research and development time, the price will reflect this.  When purchasing a mattress, the trick is to look for a balance, since you only purchase a mattress every 5-10 years, it is best to look for the latest technologies, but donít buy into a Ďfadí, look for a product that is from a reputable company who has a range of mattresses to meet different needs.  There is no such thing as Ďone size fits allí when it comes to sleeping, so new technologies should be integrated into a range of sleeping products, rather than one Ďsuperí mattress.

-  The latest innovations and technologies on offer do have real sleep benefits, prioritise what you sleep needs are and match it up to a mattress that addresses these needs.

Inexpensive mattresses will offer fewer benefits.

-  Some technologies will be visible, contouring, pin holes, layered construction etc.  Always ask to see whatís inside the cover, companies that pride themselves on technology will have everything out on display, and sales staff will be able to accurately tell you all about it. 


-  Another reason that is relatively straight forward, the more expensive the materials going into the mattress, the more expensive the mattress will be.

-  Aside from natural vs. synthetic, look for indicators such as wool & cotton (as opposed to nylon) used in the covers, and if adhesives are used, what sort of adhesives are they.

-  In the mattress core, if it has multiple layers, check what each layer is.  It is common to have a natural layer on top of a synthetic base, this is a common way of keeping the cost down.  The mattress should have high quality materials used top to bottom, otherwise it will not last as long, nor will it offer as many sleep benefits. 

The Dorsal Difference: The fundamental part of a bed system, a mattress is the support in contact with the body and is therefore subject to greater strain and wear. For this reason Dorsal carries out research into developing mattresses that not only guarantee the right support for the body, but also ensure durability over time, through its 100% Italian craftsmanship and environmental friendliness with raw materials from renewable resources. Dorsal is well-known in Italy as the company that introduced Grand Soleil, an innovative material for a market dominated by springs and latex. Grand Soleil is foam made from sunflower oils and water which has been used to create a special range of natural mattresses that give sure support without sinking and deforming and are non-allergenic and anti-bacterial. How many times do you buy a cheap mattress to equal a good quality mattress this is why Grand Soleil mattress is the best as they feel the same year after year. A cheap mattress loses it comfort in 3 Ė 6 months.


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